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Our Services

theraPETics offers services both in the comfort of your home, as well as at our premises at


David Roche Park.

Cromwell Road,

Kilburn (DogsSA headquarters)


I am currently not taking on any new mobile massage clients.  I have limited availability at my Kilburn room (Thursday and Friday) and at Pet Deli, Marion (every 4th Friday).



Canine Myofunctional Therapy (Professional Canine Massage)

A CMT session involves:


  • History - Discussion of previous injuries, surgery, medications, nutrition, exercise etc..

  • Gait Analysis - A visual assessment of the dog's gait, highlighting areas of imbalance/asymmetry

  • Flat Hand Assessment - A tactile assessment of the dog's body, highlighting areas of concern

  • Massage - Massage of the ENTIRE body, from nose to tail, using different techniques for different issues/parts of the body

  • Stretches/Passive Range of Movement - To encourage muscle memory and good ROM

  • Recommendations for follow-up/post session care 







Please note that any complex muscular, orthopaedic or medical issues require referral or clearance by a Veterinary Surgeon before a CMT session. * I will not massage dogs immediately after an injury due to the need for inflammation to subside, and to have time to determine whether veterinary or physiotherapy referral is the better option for the dog. Spinal cases must be referred by a veterinarian. 


Canine conditioning classes


The Benefits of Canine Conditioning


Increased Body Awareness

Increased core strength

Improved proprioception (placement of feet)

Increased confidence

Improved bond between dog and handler

Improved balance in the body

Strengthening of any weak areas in the body.


My classes involve the use of shaping, clicker training and positive reinforcement.  There is no punishment and the dogs are encouraged and allowed to choose the behaviours they offer.  This way, the dog has fun, they are constantly being set up for success, and their confidence is improved by only having "wins".

Please bring to class - a clicker, a toy your dog likes to play with, high value treats, a positive attitude and patience.

Ideal for

Canine athletes

Show dogs

Dogs with poor body awareness

High energy dogs

Pet dogs who just want to have fun!

Held at theraPETics - David Roche Park, Cromwell Rd, Kilburn.

Class times:

Wednesday 6.30pm and 7.30pm

Thursday 6.30pm and 7.30pm (limited)

Fridays 9.45 am (except for the week I am at Pet Deli)

Please drive past the main building and park in the rear car park, and look for our signs on the hall doors.

Classes will be 40 minutes and available for dogs from 12 months old to senior.   Dogs must be free from injury and any medical issues which fitness training could negatively affect.

Classes are all on-lead and suitable for dogs who need a little space and a positive experience.  Please let Suzi know when booking, if your dog has any special needs.

 Please ensure your dogs' vaccinations are up to date and bring your certificate (or titre result) with you on your first class.  Bookings can be made by clicking on the BOOK ONLINE tab, select the day/class you would like to attend, and follow the instructions to complete your booking.

*** PLEASE NOTE THAT A HOT WEATHER POLICY APPLIES FOR ALL CLASSES. OVER 34 DEGREES AT 4PM MEANS CLASS WILL BE CANCELLED***  (Announcements made at 4pm on therapetics facebook page -  if you do not have facebook please text 0418899348 to check for cancellations)

It is recommended that dogs have their basic obedience levels achieved before they start conditioning class. 

*Also available, group conditioning classes for working dogs such as Guide, Assistance, Police, Customs, Therapy.  Classes can be held on your premises or at a group training facility.  Please contact me for further details.*


Power Paws is a class designed just for younger dogs (6-18months) who are looking for a low impact, fun physical and mental workout in a safe, positive environment.

Classes involve strength and body awareness training, as well as surface confidence building and training foundations.  The perfect class for dogs who are looking to compete in performance sports as adults, those who need a little help figuring out how to use their bodies, and those looking to have some extra fun while completing their obedience training.

Run over 5 weeks, pups will learn to use different pieces of equipment, and learn to focus while working around other dogs. *please note that this is NOT a direct socialisation course and there is no contact between dogs.

Dogs MUST have completed Puppy Preschool and have basic obedience skills.


Classes are held in the main hall at DogsSA, Cromwell Road Kilburn.  Please park in the back car-park and enter through the rear hall doors.  Bring a tug or toy that you will use just for training, a clicker, and high value treats/treat bag. To enrol, please find upcoming courses on the therapetics Facebook page, or message us through the contact tab and we will send you an enrolment form. This course is $155 for the 5 week course, payable at time of enrolment. Please note that due to the popularity of this course, if you cancel your attendance within a week of the first lesson, or miss any classes, your payment will not be refunded. (thankyou for understanding)

Upcoming Power Pups Courses:

Thursday July 4th, 2024 7.30pm x 5 weeks









Accell Therapy


Comprising a motorised bed, a handheld unit and an adjustable harness, the system uses Cycloid Vibration Technology to deliver intensive but gentle massage.  The intensity of the vibrations causes an ongoing increase in circulation, and can aid in decreased time for post surgical recovery, as well as acute muscular injury.  


Accell Therapy Sessions

 *Weekly Mat  or Hand Held Machine Hire $80.00




















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