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Does your dog fall into any of the categories below?


  • diagnosed muscular injury

  • senior/arthritic

  • amputee

  • active

  • working dog

  • show dog

  • performance (racing, agility, herding)

  • recent bone surgery

  • large breed

  • stressed/anxious

  • rehomed/shelter dog

"Discounts apply for multiple dogs in one venue, GAP dogs and any assistance dog"



Canine Myofunctional Therapy is a natural therapy designed to increase circulation and nutrient supply to the muscles, keeping them in peak condition. It can be used as a treatment therapy, alongside other medical aids, or as a maintenance therapy for performance or active dogs. I have a special interest in management of sporting and performance dogs, post-operative recovery and anxiety massage/accell therapy support.

theraPETics offers sessions at David Roche Park, Kilburn, and every 4th Friday at Pet Deli, Marion. 


Massage, treadmill training, Accell Therapy treatments and Canine Conditioning Classes are available at David Roche Park, Cromwell Road, Kilburn. 




Canine Conditioning and Power Paws Classes now ON!! See services page for details and info on booking.


The benefits of CMT (massage) are many and include:


  • strengthens muscle connective tissue

  • supports ligaments and tendons

  • increases range of movement

  • breaks down muscle adhesions and scar tissue

  • encourages the body to heal injuries

  • decreases the pain of arthritis

  • keeps muscles long and lean

  • aids digestion

  • can improve skin and coat condition

  • flushes toxins

  • warms up/down muscles correctly

  • promotes balance/symmetry in the body

  • helps the body support low functioning limbs

  • feels AMAZING!!!







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